Kate Ingram

Aesthetics Practitioner



All treatments are tailored to individual clients after a detailed consultation and medical assessment. Cost is based on individual treatment plan.


An hour long relaxing facial treament focusing on exfoliation, leaving skin glowing, bright and baby soft.

Dermal Fillers

Injections used to fill out wrinkles and creases in the skin. Also used to increase the volume and definition of the upper and lower face, giving a more youthful appearance.


Dermaplaning Facials now available at Blue Sky Medical Aesthetics.

Dermaplaning facials have been taking Hollywood by storm . Leaving your skin smooth and refreshed with instant results , this facial is a must for your beauty regime in 2019. Done regularly or as a one-off treat. Dermaplaning isn’t to be missed .

The relaxing hour long treatment consists of a deep cleanse , Dermaplaning , calming mask, toning , facial massage, serum, SPF, rich mosituriser and aromatherapy.

Dermaplaning is a way of removing the top three layers of dead skin cells, revealing the beautiful bright and soft skin underneath . It is a gentle but more effective treatment than microdermabrasion. There is no down time with Dermaplaning. The skin is super fresh immediately. The Dermaplaning tool is a small medical grade blade which glides over the skin at 45 degrees taking with it the dead skin and the peachy fuzz hair on the face that our make up sticks to. This hair is different to the darker terminal hair on other parts of our body which grows back stubbly when removed . The peachy fuzz on the face is called velus hair and it can’t grow back thicker or stubbly . You won’t notice it grow back at at all .

Dermaplaning is relaxing and painless . After the full hour treatment you’ll feel loved and relaxed and have great skin . It’s win win!

The cost of a treatment is £85 or £200 when booking a course of 3.


After months of debating whether to have a dermaplaning facial I’ve finally found someone local and bit the bullet. Kate was lovely, the second I walked through the door I felt at ease. The whole procedure from start to finish was very relaxing, seeing the dead skin and peachy fuzz at the end was some what satisfying. My skin feels amazing and I’m glowing 🤗

Everyone has said how good my skin looks, thanks Kate!


Kate Ingram is a registered General Nurse (RGN) with more than 30 years experience in the NHS. An Independent Nurse Prescriber and a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN)